The Opium Confessions: Visionarium

Project Title: The Opium Confessions: Visionarium

Project date: 5 March – 20 April 2012, Research Gallery SCA, Sydney

Image credits: Emmanuela Prigioni Alebardi

Client: De Quincey Co

Media: Installation

Contribution: sound design, editing, system design, multi-speaker diffusion

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This hybrid installation for gallery spaces forms part of The Opium Confessions, an overarching enquiry across different media platforms into the writings of Thomas De Quincey (1785-1859): poet, opium addict, wandering adventurer, genius of the imagination.


Project Title: Sharawadji, First Draft Gallery, Sydney

Project date: 27 July – 7 August 2011

Image credits: Ian Stevenson

Client: Ian Stevenson

Media: multi-speaker installation

Contribution: design, composition, programming, loudspeaker design

Sharawadji was installed at First Draft Gallery in Sydney. It was the result of a research project that considered how conceptualising the ontology of sound might influence sound design.

Sheet Music

Project Title: Sheet Music, exhibited in Graphic Material at the UTS Gallery, Sydney

Project date: Aug 3–Sep 3, 2010

Image credits: Aaron Seymour

Client: Aaron Seymour and Ian Stevenson collaboration

Media: installation

Contribution: electronic instrument design, composition

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Sheet Music explores the potential of electrically conductive inks to transform a piece of graphic design into an electronic component. Printed with silver ink these two posters work as aerials picking up variations in the room’s electromagnetic field caused by gallery visitors. Electronics enclosed in the wall convert these variations to sound, allowing participants to ‘play’ the posters by moving their hands in front of them.


Project Title: Osanna  (TP218)

Project date: June 2010

Image credits: Tall Poppies

Client: Clare Maclean, Sydney Chamber Choir, Tall Poppies

Media: CD

Contribution: record, edit, mix, master

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Clare Maclean’s Osanna Mass is performed by The Sydney Chamber Choir, directed by Paul Stanhope. Recorded on location at the chapel at St Scholastica’s, Glebe, in high-definition stereo and 7.1 channel surround. This is one of the projects that I am most proud of. Clare is an extraordinary composer who deserves a higher profile.


Creative Explosion

Project Title: Creative Explosion (Wirr 028)

Project date: October 2009

Image credits: Wirripang

Client: Australian Composers/Wirripang

Media: CD, printed score, live concert

Contribution: composition, co-production, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, concert production

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The creative aesthetic behind this project is to have a strong intercultural focus featuring Asia-Pacific traditions of Korean samul nori drumming techniques, Filipino kulintang percussion, Japanese shakuhachi ‘moment’ aesthetic and East Asian string techniques (Korea, Japan, China) interacting with contemporary music. The trajectory from modern violin through to Chinese erhu and Korean kayageum techniques interacting within contemporary composition and cutting edge digital technology forms a thread behind this collection. The sound of Asia-Pacific gongs (Korea, China, Philippines) intersecting with modern percussion as an enlargement of the contemporary music tradition in performance and composition is another angle. Finally the use of the techniques of reed membrane and coloured breath from Western clarinet to Japanese shakuhachi exploring the ‘single-note’ aesthetic of East Asia within contemporary composition and improvisation also forms a focus.


Ghost Quarters

Project Title: GHOST QUARTERS: first dream of The Opium Confessions

Project date: 9-16 May 2009, CarriageWorks, Sydney

Image credits: Sam James

Client: De Quincey Co

Media: live performance

Contribution: sound design, sound programming, multi-speaker diffusion

More info: De Quincey Co

Welcome to The Faculty of Dreaming where the brain is haunted ghosts write secret inscriptions on the mind language runs riot thought spreads into wide open spaces and the houseless vagrant walks all night. Someone is out there with murderous intent, but the horrors are all inside. From the writings of the great poet and essayist Thomas De Quincey (1785-1859), GHOST QUARTERS unleashes visions that show us the world as a larger reality, a place of vastness and uncertainty, filled with the changing weathers of the psyche.

Music of the Spirit

Project Title: Music of the Spirit (Wirr 011)

Project date: September 2008

Image credits: Wirripang

Client: Australian Composers/Wirripang

Media: Double CD

Contribution: recording, editing, mixing, mastering

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Double CD featuring works by Michael Atherton, Anne Boyd, Diana Blom, Bruce Crossman, Houston Dunleavy, Ross Edwards, Ji-yun Lee, Garth Paine, Chinary Ung, SynC, austraLYSIS.